Where innovation comes from

Today’s biggest innovations are coming from the combination of human inspiration and computer-processing power.

The combined talents of humans and computers, when working together in partnership and symbiosis, will indefinitely be more creative than any computer working alone.

Where innovation comes from


Porsche designs a high-rise

The Porsche Design Tower under construction near Miami, Florida, features a virtuosic parking system that whisks vehicles up to sky garages adjacent to handsome floor plans. This thrill ride for plutocrats offers oceanfront views during the ascent inside the 57-floor, 132-unit condominium building, via one of three glass-walled elevators. And once comfortably ensconced in their living rooms, residents can gaze fondly at their cars through a glass wall.

The project, dubbed P’0001, is a joint venture between Gil Dezer, owner and president of Dezer Development

BBC – Autos – Porsche designs a high-rise.


New York City Hudson Yards

New York City is constantly evolving as new skyscrapers shoot into the sky.

Adding to the city’s already dynamic skyline is Hudson Yards, a massive new development on Manhattan’s far west side. The $20 billion project is a joint effort between real estate firm Related Companies and real estate investment, development, and management company Oxford Properties Group.

New York City Hudson Yards Plans – Business Insider.


25 companies that are changing the world

  1. Skybox Imaging
  2. PK Clean
  3. Factual
  4. Ambri
  5. Aereo
  6. Thinkmodo
  7. Upworthy
  8. Voodoo Doughnut
  9. Goldieblox
  10. Beats Electronics
  11. Bridge International Academies
  12. GiveDirectly
  13. Oscar
  14. Immunity Project
  15. Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership
  16. Icon Aircraft
  17. Hello Products
  18. Artemis Networks
  19. Sabi
  20. Mystery Ranch
  21. Eventbrite
  22. Pal’s Sudden Service
  23. SPARC
  24. DEG
  25. Barry-Wehmiller

25 Most Audacious Companies of 2014 | Inc.com.