Who Needs To Lead Digital Transformation In 2017

Who Needs To Lead Digital Transformation In 2017

The question of when digital transformation will be complete is a moot point these days. New technologies and digital trends will never stop. However, it’s likely that the people leading the charge will be the change from year to year.

In a recent report from Altimeter, analysts found that CMOs lead the transformation in 34 percent of companies, while CIOs and CTOs take charge of digital transformation in only 19 percent of companies. I have two comments as it relates to this. First, the CMO needs to have a role in Digital Transformation, however, it is the CEO that must lead. Second, I believe in 2017 we need more CIOs and CTOs taking prominent positions in digital transformation.


Some companies are introducing a new role, the chief digital officer (CDO), who is explicitly charged with leading the digital transformation of the organization. While I standby my belief that digital transformation must start at the very top of the organization, I do believe several members of the c-suite need to be the day-to-day champions of this organizational change. Here’s my take on how these executive roles can work together, as well as who is better poised to lead the digital transformation in 2017:

The Role of the CMO

In some ways, it makes sense for CMOs to be largely responsible for leading the digital transformation. Considering that customer interaction accounted for much of the digital transformation’s influence, CMOs were the ones providing the much-needed insight into customers’ needs, expectations, and habits. As the digital transformation alters the way companies interact with customers, CMOs have an important voice, and they’ll continue to play a key role as the digital transformation moves forward.

However, CMOs also need to recognize and remember that a digital transformation is much more than a marketing campaign—it represents a significant shift in the way companies operate. While it’s critical that companies continue taking customer perspectives into account, there’s going to be an increased focus on organization-wide efficiency. While the CMO should still have a voice and a seat at the table, overall leadership of the digital transformation should fall to other C-suite executives in 2017.

The Role of the CIO

The CIO should take a major leadership role in 2017, forging digital-based alliances across the entire enterprise. As technology moves forward, CIOs will be responsible for building bridges between business technology teams and the company’s IT department. It’s going to fall on the CIO to empower company-wide changes in thinking, culture, and practices. As the digital transformation continues to radically alter the way businesses operate, a CIO with a strategic mindset can be at the forefront of these changes.

Who Needs To Lead Digital Transformation In 2017


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