These Are the Business Hot Spots in 2016

These Are the Business Hot Spots in 2016

These Are the Business Hot Spots in 2016

Startup Hubs

There is a world outside of Silicon Valley. Discover the 10 cities that host the greatest number of the fastest-growing private businesses in the U.S.

1. New York City

The Big Apple hosts 207 businesses on this year’s Inc. 5000, nearly double its closest rival. With cutting-edge firms like behavioral marketer Bounce Exchange (No. 7) and cognitive content platform Persado (No. 16), this city definitely doesn’t sleep.

2. Los Angeles

Yes, other businesses besides Snapchat call L.A. home. Dollar Shave Club just landed a whopping $1 billion in its sale to Unilever. And let’s not forget the Inc. 500’s No. 1 company, Loot Crate.

3. Atlanta

It’s not only the headquarters for giant companies like Coca-Cola and Home Depot; this southern city is also home to 101 of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation. Keep an eye on (No. 5), a B2B social network.

4. Chicago

Uber and Lyft have been threatening to leave due to the city’s strict regulations for their drivers. Even so, with 95 Chicago-based Inc. 5000companies, there’s no shortage of ingenuity in the Windy City.

5. Austin

The Texas capital is famous for its creative community. It’s also where coffee innovators Chameleon Cold Brew(No. 140) and real estate (No. 142) have set up shop. Perhaps creativity is contagious?

6. San Diego

The second-biggest city in California, San Diego represents a vibrant opportunity for entrepreneurs–particularly for those in the real estate and food and beverage industries. Just ask one of the 70 Inc. 5000 companies based there.

7. Houston

This city has long been known for its oil and gas chops, but it’s gaining steam in industries as diverse as technology management and health innovation. This year, 70 Inc. 5000companies call Houston home.

8. Dallas

Mark Cuban isn’t the only famous entrepreneur in Dallas. Another is Michael Wittmeyer, CEO of JM Bullion(No. 40). With more than $661 million in revenue last year, his online retail platform ranks first among 61 Dallas-based Inc. 5000 companies.

9. San Francisco
Of course, Silicon Valley remains one of the best places to foster entrepreneurship, especially tech-based. From FormSwift (No. 271) toRobotLAB (No. 273), San Francisco’s software companies are featured prominently on this year’s Inc. 5000.
10. Seattle

The Emerald City hosts 54 companies that are on the Inc. 5000. Three years after the launch of “Startup Seattle,” a public-private initiative focused on providing support and resources for entrepreneurs, the city is emerging as a hub for entrepreneurship.

These Are the Business Hot Spots in 2016


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