Cuba: History, Culture and Contemporary Life

Cuba: History, Culture and Contemporary Life

Cuba’s new relationship with the United States has opened ways of exploring its complex history and culture. None is quite as intimate as meeting the locals on a People-to-People tour as you cruise from Havana to culturally diverse Santiago de Cuba aboard the 290-foot sailing yacht Le Ponant. Return from this 11-day adventure with a new appreciation of Cuba.

Cuba has historic cities with some of the hemisphere’s best-preserved colonial architecture and idyllic off-lying cays that offer a rich marine life. Be among the first to explore Cuba in the new world order. In the company of local experts, have meaningful encounters with Cuban citizens, artists, professionals and civic leaders. All of this as you enjoy the convenience and reliability of shipboard accommodations. Traveling the three-masted Le Ponant, with its French accent, offers you a unique adventure with an intimate group of like-minded travelers. With two postcruise days in Havana, gain insight into this enigmatic neighbor.

Cuba: History, Culture and Contemporary Life


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